Preschool Program

Our Preschool Program uses the Kidsparkz Curriculum!

Playing IS learning (and it's fun, too!)

We believe children need to both learn and play. Play is what helps to encourage and develop a child’s ability to socialize, interact, and cooperate with others.


Teacher’s also use Sparkz Curriculum in creating the perfect learning environment

And the Kidsparkz curriculum is aligned to our State Standards to better prepare them for school!

Our Daily Preschool Program

7- 9am – Free play
8:00am – Breakfast
8:30am – Half Day children arrive
9:00am – 1st Group time (Weather, Calendar, and Question of the Day)
9:15am – Free Play
10:00am – 2nd Group (Shape, Color, Number and movement songs)
10:10am -Free Play (At this time we work 1 on 1 with the children; journals, alphabet, numbers, address, phone numbers, cutting and more!) at the level of the child
10:30am – Snack time

11:00am – 3rd Group (Theme and story)
11:15am – Large Motor (Outside or Large Motor room)
12:00pm – Half day go home
12:00pm – Lunch
12:45pm – Story time
1:00-3:00pm – Nap time
3:00pm – Snack
3:30pm – Group
3:45pm – Large Motor
4:30-6:00pm – Free play