All Children Deserve Respect

Our philosophy at The Big Barn Preschool is that all children deserve respect, provide important contributions and are driven to learn and grow. Our expectations as the adults in a child’s life and the environment they live and learn in shape who they will become. Our primary goal is to enable children to develop a positive self image through:

  • Social exchanges with peers and caring adults
  • Positive learning experiences that are developed with children’s differences in mind and an environment that encourages each child to develop to their fullest potential.

Mission Statement

The Big Barn Preschool provides a loving and nurturing learning environment that enhances intellectual, social, physical, emotional and spiritual growth. Children, who are special gifts from God, are to be loved, respected, and offered challenges that foster interactive learning. Our goal is to collaborate with parents to help develop their child’s sense of independence and a positive self-image.

The Big Barn Preschool

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