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What’s Happening at the Big Barn Preschool? Plenty! Just look for yourself!

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  • We passed with 100% from the Health Department!
  • We accept Department of Human Services state funding.

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Help us Recycle and Earn Points! More Needed!

The Big Barn Preschool wants your recyclables!!

Big Barn Preschool participates in a fundraising with a recycling program that helps us earn points for school supplies and equipment by collecting: empty inkjet and laser cartridges, used cell phones, digital cameras, or other small electronics. Please help us by donating these items!

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We all need the right amount of sleep–but what exactly is that for your child? And how can you encourage good sleep habits and patterns? Sweet dreams!

Children’s Comprehensive Health
Guide Answers questions like…

When should my baby see a doctor? How does bullying affect my preteen? What medications are potentially dangerous for children? And many more… These are common questions parents have as their children reach different stages of their growth and development. Some children may face obesity, diabetes or hearing loss; others may require glasses or an EpiPen for allergies. You can promote children’s well-being by learning how their bodies grow, what diseases or disorders to look out for and how to identify risky products. Click this link for more information:

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Help us grow our preschool! Refer a new family to the Big Barn Preschool and after they register you will receive $25! It’s that easy! Tell all of your friends, co-workers and family how great we are

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